Destination Tea: British Pantry & Tea Room

Where:  Centerville, Georgia
Style:  British shop tearoom
Tea Selection:  6 popular British teas
Teatimes:  Tuesday to Saturday, 11-2:30
Reservations:  48-hour advance notice for parties of 4 or more, 
otherwise, walk-ins welcome
Contact:  478-953-4009
Cost:  $35 A Taste of Britain for Two; $8.95 Pot of Tea & Scones
Destination Tea Tip:  Though reservations are not required, we recommend reserving your table, and leaving time to peruse the market.

Prices and teatimes are subject a change. Please see our Georgia afternoon tea directory for the latest details.

entryway to British Pantry & Tearoom

Destination Tea Notes:  Two things you need to know about the British Pantry & Tearoom are:  1. it is run by British expatriate Jan Francis and 2. it began as a British grocery and by popular demand, expanded to include a tearoom. What does this mean for we afternoon tea goers? This afternoon tea is one you might just as well find if your British neighbor invited you to tea at her place. Blending homemade and imported traditional British goodies, teatime here features tea brands popular in Great Britain, scones done properly, and an obvious emphasis on a fresh, made-from-scratch menu, whipped up in the small kitchen in back. How cool to be able to explore British culture from smack-dab in the middle of Georgia! We advise repeat expeditions, as the tearoom’s menu changes seasonally. Also know that while the decor pays tribute to Her Majesty The Queen, this tearoom is not the exclusive domain of the fairer sex, with a winter menu that features pasties, meat pies and bangers and mash for those with a hearty appetite. Happy tea travels!

Sign in side British Pantry & Tearoom in Centerville, GA
Loving this sign!
Interior British Pantry and Tearoom in Centerville, Ga
Painted the color of royalty,
the space is divided by an aisle into dining and market areas.
Market in the British Pantry & Tearoom
As you dine, the market tempts you to explore its wares.
Table at British Pantry
Tables draped in regal purple

Tea Service

Tea is served at British Pantry & Tearoom in Centerville, GA
We are invited to choose a pot of tea to share, and opt to add a second pot, so that we can try both the PG Tips and
Yorkshire Red (which we discover we like best).

Scones & Spreads, Savories and Sweets

Salad and savory scone at British Pantry & Tearoom in Centerville, GA
Our hungry teen reviewer adds on a Pantry Salad, with fresh mixed greens, tomatoes, peppers, walnuts, dried cranberries and homemade croutons, which comes with a savory scone. We don’t finish the blue cheese and spinach savory scone whose middle isn’t entirely thawed, but the salad is deliciously crisp and flavorful.
Tea tray at British Pantry & Tearoom
Having chosen our two tea sandwiches from a list of traditional British options, we are so pleased with our ordering! Firstly, the bread baked by Atlanta Bread Company is perfectly soft. Next we make a mental note to use black pepper on all our cucumber-cream-cheese sandwiches from now on. Finally we happily enjoy the coronation chicken sandwich, which features a creamy curry dressing with almonds and apricots. Yum!
Sausage rolls at British Pantry & Tearoom in Centerville, GA
Sausage rolls — made by British expatriate Richard Posner’s 4 & 20 Pasty Company in Sarasota, Florida — add a tasty heartiness to the meal.
Scones at British Pantry & Tearoom
Only once before have I had scones served already slathered in cream and lemon curd, and that was with a British hostess as well. With a perfect crumb, these scrumptious treats are halved and generously filled with cream, and lemon curd or strawberry preserves.
British biscuits at British Pantry & Tearoom
The pantry’s market supplies dessert:  a sampling of authentic British biscuits (aka “cookies”)  including a bourbon biscuit, chocolate digestive, custard cream, fruit shortcake (loved this one!) and teacake (marshmallow on a biscuit coated in milk chocolate).
Mini tea sets at British Pantry & Tearoom in Centerville, GA
Found! Dainty miniature tea sets would make perfect gifts for young girls.
Teapots at British Pantry & Tearoom in Centerville, Ga
Not for sale! This fun teatable teapot is part of owner Jan’s personal display of teaware given to her by customers over the years.
Pantry Patter at British Pantry & Tearoom in Centerville, GA
Locals can stop in for the latest issue of “Pantry Patter.”
Tea Voyageuse, discovering the world of afternoon tea, based in Atlanta, Georgia.

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