Online Recipes and Shops for Your #StayHome Tea Party

Today’s post was inspired by our California tea friend Jean Brugger, who asked:

Are you aware of any small tea businesses that have online stores for teaware, and possibly scone mix?”

There are many U.S. tea shops and purveyors that sell quality teas online, but Jean’s question started us on a hunt specifically for online tea shops with a selection of teaware or tea foods, for one-stop shopping to supply your stay-at-home tea party. What we found is a full list of coast-to-coast local businesses, many of whom are offering free shipping now. Also, check out these afternoon tea recipe collections to inspire tea menu planning for a delicious teatime chez vous. And remember to check your local tearoom, who may be offering takeout or delivery tea menus.

Afternoon Tea and Cream Tea Recipes

The Scone Recipe Collection by Amy Lawrence

An Afternoon to Remember – Seattle, WA

Browse around on Amy Lawrence’s website for ways to make your tea party special, free recipes (look in the left sidebar here) and cookbooks you can order or directly download, like The Scone Recipe Collection.

My Tea Planner – Kaaawa, HI

Tea party inspiration abounds here! Rose Higashi and Kathleen Pedulla have created a plethora of themed tea menus for seasons, holidays, international cuisines and special occasions, downloadable recipes for just a couple of dollars, as well as a free recipe collection and their online Tea Book.

Oh, How Civilized – New York City, NY

In addition to dozens of free tea sandwich recipes, Jee Choe also provides step-by-step directions for making a variety of matcha drinks, all depicted with beautiful professional-grade photography.

National Trust – UK

This 125-year-old organization dedicated to preserving the United Kingdom’s historical and natural treasures also shares traditional and new British recipes online, such as fruit scones, Victoria sandwich cake and Vegan cream tea.

The St. James Tearoom’s Recipe Archives – Albuquerque, NM

The St. James is a grand dame amongst American tearooms, putting exquisite detailed thought into their seasonal tea menus, so it’s lucky for us that they share two dozen savory and sweet recipes, posting a new recipe monthly.

TeaTime Magazine – Birmingham, AL

Of course, THE afternoon tea magazine has a vast, searchable repository of free afternoon tea recipes for each course (scones, spreads, savories and sweets) on every theme imaginable, as well as wonderfully diverse tablescaping how-to’s.

Thirsty for Tea – Southern California

Bonnie Eng gives us a serious case of photo envy, because her tea blog is gorgeous! She offers a blend of the traditional and the creative with ofttimes tea-infused or Asian-inspired free recipes, including tea breads, confections, beverages, macarons, matcha, pastries, sandwiches and savories.

British baking icon Mary Berry’s 1979 scone-making demo

American Tea Shops that Ship Loose Leaf Teas PLUS…

Adagio Teas – Garfield, NJ

Cast iron and ceramic teapots, matcha bowls, tea kettles, accessories, ceramic cups, tea cookies, tea chocolates, sugars

Arogya – Westport CT

Cast iron and vintage teapots, teacups, strainers, tea warmer

The Boulder Tea Company – Boulder, CO

Teapots, creamers, filters, tea caddies


Cream tea boxes, scones, shortbread biscuits

Camella’s Remember When – Abingdon, VA

3-tier trays, full teasets

The Celtic Tea Shoppe – San Jose, CA

Teapots, teacups, afternoon tea hampers, homemade clotted cream and scones, spreads

Churchill’s Fine Teas – Cincinnati, OH

Ceramic, glass and cast iron teapots, teacups, children’s tea set, tea towels, tea cozies, honey, infusers

The Cozy Tea Cart – Brookline, NH

Scone mixes, oatcakes, clotted cream, curds, preserves, sweeteners, tea cozies, teapots, tea timers, accessories

Elmwood Inn Fine Teas – Danville, KY

Teapots, teacups, infusers, tea biscuits, shortbread, curd, sweeteners, scone mix

English Tea Store – New Stanton, PA

Scone mixes, clotted cream, preserves, accessories, teapots, teacups, children’s teasets

Erika’s Tea Room & Gifts – Clermont, FL

Impressively eclectic variety of teapots, kettles, teasets, tea cozies, accessories

Everything Tea – Bedford, PA

Teapots, infusers

Firebelly Tea – Canada/US

Teapots, infusers

The Fragrant Leaf – Albuquerque, NM

Asian-style teapots, teasets, tea accessories, tea trays, filters, infusers

Greenhalgh Tea – Thornton, PA

Teapots, scone mixes, curds, infusers, accessories

Harney & Sons – Millerton, NY

Scone mix, teapots, teacups, tea kettle, strainers, honey, sugar, tea cookies

Heavenly Special Teas – Spokane, WA

Teapots, scone mixes, shortbread mixes, cake mixes, infusers, accessories

Hummingbird Tea Room & Bakery – Magnolia, TX

Baked scones, lamingtons, caramel crunch bars, brownies (gluten-free/vegan/regular), glass teapot

The Kate Pearl Tea Room – Maryland

Teapots, teacups, creamer and sugar sets, children’s teasets, tea kettles, tea cozies, tea accessories, table decor, scone mixes

Lake Missoula Tea Company – Missoula, MT

Handmade ceramic teapot, stovetop teapot, strainers

Lovejoy’s Tea Room – CA, OR

Teacups, teaspoons, cozies, scones, crumpets, strainers, 3-tiered tray, lemon curd, clotted cream

Monarch Tea – Brigham, UT

Teapots, teasets, children’s tea sets, filters

Mrs. Bakewell’s – Clarksburg, MD

Cream tea gift boxes

Nellie’s Tea & Gifts – Portland, ME

Scone mix, gongfu set, matcha bowls, infusers, lemon curd

Oxford Hall – Cumberland, PA

Crumpets, bakewells, tea cakes, teapots, tea towels, infusers

Queen Mary Tea Room – Seattle, WA

2-tier stands, party plates and napkins, teapots, teacups, miniature tea sets, shortbread mix, cookie cutters, colored sugars

Rose Arbour Tea & Gifts – Chester, VT

Tea party in a box (homemade scones, teapot, tea), teaware, tea canisters, accessories, crocheted gloves

The Secret Garden – Port Jefferson, NY

Teaware, tea cozies, scones, jam, clotted cream, tea filters and decorative infusers

Simpson & Vail – Brookfield, CT

Cake & scone mixes, creams & curds, honey, sugar, teaspoons, teasets, accessories

Spice & Tea Exchange – Nationwide

Flavored sugars, tea kettles, teasets, infusers

Stash Tea – Portland, OR

Teasets, teapots, tea kettles, accessories

A Taste of Britain – Wayne, PA

Tin of English scones, infusers, tea towels

Tea Forte – Concord, MA

Tea cups, teapots, tea kettles, infusers, tea trays, sugar & honey, accessories

The Tea Shoppe – Morgantown, WV

Teapots, strainers, tea timers, accessories

The Tea Smith – Omaha, NE

Afternoon tea gift box, teaware, infusers, accessories

Tea & Sympathy – New York City, NY

Teapots, teacups, infusers, jams, clotted cream, biscuits, cakes

Tea & Time – Homewood, AL

Teacups and saucers, teaspoons, scones, macarons, madeleines, chocolates

Tea’s Me Specialty Tea & Gifts – Hillsboro, OR

3-tier tray, teapots, teacups, cake server, infusers, scone mixes, jellies, curd, clotted cream, tea towels, miniature tea sets

The Teapot on Wheels – Gold Hill, OR

Teapots, teacups, decorative teaspoons, infusers, tea party decorations

Tina’s Traditional – Carmel, IN

3-tier stand, cream tea box, teabread and scone mixes, Tina’s shortbread, infuser, preserves

The Traveling Teapot – Castle Rock, CO

Scone mixes, preserves, infusers

The Whistling Kettle – Troy, NY

Teacups, scone mix, rock sugar, infusers

ZenTea – Chamblee, GA

Cast iron and ceramic teapots, strainers, honey sticks, accessories

Who’s Your Favorite Online Tea Shop?

Do you have a favorite online tea vendor in this list, or that we missed? Please comment and let us know. We wish you all good health, and hope these resources will help you create fond memories at home.

Tea Voyageuse, discovering the world of afternoon tea, based in Atlanta, Georgia.

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