Destination Tea: Regal Princess Cruise

Where: Western Caribbean
Style:  Traditional
Tea Selection:  3 pre-selected loose leaf teas
Teatimes:  Daily 3-4 pm; Royal Afternoon Tea – Day 6, 3:30 pm
Reservations:  Required for Royal Afternoon Tea, otherwise walk-ins welcome
Contact: 800-774-6237
Cost:  $20 Royal Afternoon Tea ($10 without champagne);
Daily afternoon tea included with your stay
Destination Tea Tips:  While Princess’ daily afternoon tea is a less formal affair open to all, seating is limited for this Royal Afternoon Tea event, and luckily we just happened to pass the sign-up sheet upon entering the ship. If you sail with Princess and want to experience this full afternoon tea, we recommend calling dining services to ask if your ship has a special tea that requires a reservation.

Photo credit: Princess Cruises

Destination Tea Notes:  Our first experience onboard a Princess cruise didn’t highly recommend the daily afternoon tea to us, but we couldn’t help but see about this max-30-guest Royal Afternoon Tea on Regal Princess. We were right to investigate! We find the additional fee reasonable ($10 if you skip the champagne), and ourselves delighted by the improvements in the meal. At this royal tea, the teas are properly decanted, loose-leaf and varied, and the scrumptious scones and desserts tempt one not to overindulge. Now tea at sea feels as every afternoon tea should:  a treat!

International Piazza on Regal Princess for Royal Afternoon Tea
Only 30 guests are hosted for Royal Afternoon Tea, in this circular raised dining area of the International Piazza.
Seating for royal afternoon tea on Regal Princess cruise
Cushy upholstered pieces in a medley of greys curl around crisp white tablecloths bearing our tea feasts.
Table is set for royal afternoon tea at Regal Princess
Birds-eye view of scrumptiousness. Some of these berries may have found their way into my champagne.
tea on Regal Princess Cruise
Beautiful floral centerpiece presides over girl talk.

Tea Service

tea service at afternoon tea on Regal Princess Cruise
There is a bit of a timing glitch during tea service. While tiered tea trays are laden with goodies ready to be enjoyed, the arrived guests sit waiting for tea to be poured for more than ten minutes. Three preselected teas, meant to be served one per course, do not even make it into the cups of some guests who finish and leave before the third round of tea is served. We of course have no problem prolonging our conversation until we have tried all three: black vanilla, tropical green and white orchid (worth the wait!)

Scones & Spreads, Savories and Sweets

three-tiered tray at Regal Princess Cruise afternoon tea
Look at these plump scones!
tea sandwiches at royal afternoon tea on Regal Princess
The sandwiches — including a hefty tuna with red onions and peppers on ciabatta, egg salad with chives, creamy cucumber on rye roll and smoked salmon with crème fraîche on crostini — are each tasty, but the salmon is outstanding.
scones on Regal Princess Cruise afternoon tea
Plain and currant scones are delicious here, and perfectly accompanied by cream and strawberry preserves. We try to resist overeating these lovelies.
dessert at afternoon tea at Regal Princess tea
Desserts include a fruit tartlet, mini frosted cream puff, strawberry cream log and…
british pudding at Royal Afternoon tea on Regal Princess
What our server dubs a “traditional British pudding” is certainly the most divine dessert we have had in a long time. Research turns up its likeness to the traditional British “Queen of Puddings” typically made with custard, cake and jam topped with soft meringue. While this pudding omits the cake, it is so delicious, we feel nothing short of spoiled.
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