About Destination Tea

Afternoon Tea Is Our Thing

Destination Tea is a resource for anyone who shares a love of afternoon tea. Whether you are new to afternoon tea, looking for a new teahouse, learning about the different types of tea or hosting afternoon tea at home, you’ve come to the right place — welcome! 

You Don’t Have to Be British to Love Afternoon Tea

I am a married mother of four, originally from New Jersey, currently living in Dunwoody, Georgia, by way of Washington, DC, and a year abroad in Lyon, France. Before I discovered afternoon tea, the subject of tea would conjure an image of my mother’s lazy Susan cabinet piled high with a never-dwindling assortment of boxed teabags. 

When I moved to Atlanta after college, life was filled with public relations and marketing work, marriage, then babies — and much-needed post-partum freedom. I was beyond happy to discover a teahouse just five minutes away from home, where I could steal away for a few precious hours of good food, comforting teas, and uninterrupted adult conversation. At home with the kids, I found myself saving up topics to discuss with friends at our next tea as I anticipated putting on something pretty (and free of stains from small hands), sitting down to feast on scrumptious teas and treats (that I didn’t have to cook), and catching up with good friends (without a toddler having a meltdown in the background).

That was more than fifteen years ago.

Since discovering that teatime is a peaceful, delicious utopia, I’ve reviewed more than 150 afternoon teas, seeing (sipping?) for myself what sets apart the exceptional afternoon tea experience. On Destination Tea, I want to spotlight great tearooms, share afternoon tea recipes and talk “taking tea” to help continue the culture of afternoon tea.

My teatime favorites:  impromptu afternoon tea at home with the children and neighbors, “hens only” family teas, a show-stopping bespoke tea fascinator, freshly-baked scones with lemon curd and clotted cream, vintage teacup designs, creative scratchmade dainty bites served with copious amounts of delicious tea, and most especially, the unrushed pace — it’s like a mini-getaway.

Angela Renals of Destination Tea

I hope this website delights you with the beauty, warmth, social gathering and scrumptiousness of the ritual of afternoon tea and helps lead you to your next tea adventure. 

Angela, Tea Voyageuse