Destination Tea: Three Southern Girls Tea Room

Update: This tearoom is now closed.

Where: East Point, GA
Style: Modern Swank
Tea Selection: Prepared seasonal house blends, pre-sweetened, 1 hot, 1 iced
Teatimes: Friday-Sunday, 12:30-4:30
Reservations: Advance notice required, tea room open only for reserved teas
Contact: Tiffany at or 404-324-1656
Cost: $18 Afternoon Tea
Destination Tea Tips:  Be sure to reserve in advance because this tea room opens for reserved teas and special events only. Also, though not required, tea hats are very much the thing at Three Southern Girls. Follow Destination Tea on Facebook to learn about upcoming show dates and special tea/brunch events, like their recent Women’s Empowerment Tea (awesome).

Three Southern Girls Tea Room exterior, East Point, Georgia

Destination Tea Notes:  Hostess Tiffany Prewitt is a picture of Southern grace and hospitality from the moment you step inside her tea room and adjoining theater. In the role of tea room hostess, Tiffany dons a lovely tea hat (sometimes of her own design), but she wears many other hats, as founder of TP Productions, writing and performing in the productions she brings to the space’s theater. Know this:  when Tiffany invites her guests to indulge, she is not overpromising. Three Southern Girls’ afternoon tea repast just keeps coming, beginning with a large scone and buffet of savory and sweets, moving into a lunch selection and finishing with a dessert, all homemade. Bridal or baby showers, women’s groups and large family gatherings would be at home here, as it feels like your favorite auntie is spoiling you with all her famous recipes and making sure no one goes home hungry. Guests are offered bottomless cups of the seasonal tea, which is prepared with locally-sourced ingredients ahead of time and pre-sweetened, served alongside a palate-cleansing cucumber water.

Three Southern Girls Tea Room, lavish interior
Curtains divide the tea room from the adjoining theater. Leopard prints, chandeliers and bright pinks declare this a ladies’ lounge, while 40s and 50s ballads play softly.

Tea Service

flowers, fuchsia and leopard print at Three Southern Girls Tea Room
Scones precede the tea service, this one a Craisin-raisin-white chocolate scone with currant jam and dab of butter.
Pre-sweetened seasonal tea and scone
The monthly hot tea selection is a pre-sweetened, apple pie black tea, blended using tea leaves from a Louisiana plantation and apples from Florida in a family recipe that certainly did taste exactly like a delicious apple pie. Our hostess kept our teacups replenished without us needing to ask. The special tea next month is orange spice.

Savories & Sweets

High tea buffet with savories and sweets at Three Southern Girls Tea Room
Guests are invited to “indulge” by helping themselves to multiple visits to the buffet, which included savories: cucumber sandwiches, Southern deviled eggs with bacon, pimiento cheese boats, spinach dip and chips, crudités with dip, and sweets: red velvet cupcakes, lemon meringues, waffle cookies, German chocolate chip cupcakes, fruit tarts, butter cookies, shortbread, linzer cookies with currant jam and whipped fruit salad cones.
Culinary Creator at Three Southern Girls
After our first trip to the buffet, the treats just kept on coming! Here is Three Southern Girls’ Culinary Creator bringing out more of her confections from the kitchen.
Savories from the buffet at Three Southern Girls Tea Room
My first plate from the buffet. I had to go back for more delicious spinach dip, but thankfully resisted the temptation to have another deviled egg, to leave room for the next courses.
Iced tea at Three Southern Girls Tea Room
While our hot tea was kept refreshed throughout the meal, before our main courses we were treated to a pre-sweetened iced sparkling lemonade tea, which was not too sweet and very refreshing.
Pork sliders at Three Southern Girls Tea Room
Our selection was either a chicken salad, pecan strawberry salad or pork sliders. Tiffany explained that pork sliders, made with pulled pork and cole slaw on a sweet roll, are not only standard on a Southern afternoon tea menu, they have always been a favorite of hers. I was glad for her recommendation — they were very good. A cucumber tomato salad was served on the side.
Mini chocolate bundt cake at Three Southern Girls
I had to suspend disbelief when Tiffany announced a dessert course after the half-dozen sweets we had already sampled on the buffet. The chocolate cakes, one a mini bundt and the other a lava cake, served with blueberries and whipped cream, were not too sweet and definitely worth taking home if you cannot possibly eat another bite.
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  1. Sounds like an amazing place and the review is very thorough and amazing in itself. I’d love to visit this teahouse.

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