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Today’s topic is close to my heart. I love reading, and libraries, because I grew up with a librarian for a mom. I’ve spent many happy hours shelving books in her elementary and high school libraries throughout her career. I can still remember our trips to the public library, where I had to be old enough to neatly write my name within the lines to apply for my first library card. One of my favorite things was discovering new books on the wooden display shelves in the children’s reading room. And when I watch my mother read to my children (above), I remember her reading to my brother and me. She showed us that books are magic: inside they hold imagined worlds, beautiful artwork, clever lessons, historical tales and centuries-old wisdom.

Combining Two Loves: Books and Tea

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While we’re cultivating a love of reading in our little ones, why not choose one of our favorite subjects? That’s the thought behind our latest project: Destination Tea’s new “Children’s Tea Books” page. I have had the best time hunting for beautiful tea-themed books, both educational and fun, to make it easy for you to build your tea book home library, or to help start someone else’s (books make great gifts).

Introducing Destination Tea’s Book Lists

Are you surprised to find out that I love researching lists? Just in case our 50 afternoon tea venue listings don’t prove that, here comes another list, which was a real pleasure to compile. On our new “Children’s Tea Books” page, you can browse through books for toddlers to teens, and click on any book cover to purchase. Or, borrow it from your local library.

Afternoon Tea Reading

What kinds of gems will you find in our tea-themed book collections?

  • Afternoon tea basics
  • Tea education
  • Tea party planning
  • Tea menu cookbooks
  • Teatime etiquette guides
  • Sticker books
  • Board books
  • Poem anthology
  • Personalized afternoon tea story
kids' tea party

You will find many great reads in our tea book collections, to inspire a love of afternoon tea in the children in your life. My children at every age have loved creating their own tea parties after learning about the special rituals of taking tea. They may not realize it, but when they gather around the tea table, they are practicing their social skills and table manners, while reinforcing the simple pleasure of chatting with friends (technology-free). And because we know children learn from seeing and doing, we’ve included several books on the “Children’s Tea Books” page that offer kid-friendly step-by-step guides to hosting your own afternoon tea.

middle schoolers preparing afternoon tea

We hope our book list helps you find a great book to share with someone you love, encourages moms and dads to read together with their kids, and most importantly, draws more kids to the tea table. And if you have a favorite tea-themed book that we should add, please share in the comments below. Happy reading!

Tea Voyageuse, discovering the world of afternoon tea, based in Atlanta, Georgia.

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