10 Amusements for Tea Lovers during Shelter-in-Place

While we Americans are responsibly self-isolating for at least another month, a cheerful attitude helps keep the peace at home. Give yourself a mental health break from coronavirus news updates and lift your spirits with one of these tea-themed activities. These ideas are designed to encourage the family to put those screens away, connect, get creative and make some happy memories.

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1. Throw A Tea Party for Your Housemates

  • Search TeaTime Magazine‘s recipe database for whatever ingredients you have at home.
  • Consider holding the tea party al fresco for a change of scenery and breath of fresh air.
  • Pull out your favorite teacups and set a pretty table to make the occasion special.
  • Use a zigzag stitch to sew a hem on any pretty fabric remnant you’ve got at home to create a child’s tea party tablecloth.
  • Find tea party recipe and etiquette books for kids and adults amongst our recommended tea books.
  • The kids can make centerpieces, favors, place cards and help prepare the meal.
  • Announce a tea party theme, play games (like this downloadable Tea is for Terror Murder Mystery) or ask everyone to dress themselves in costume.

2. Expand Your Tea Palate and Hold A Tea Tasting

  • Raid that tea cabinet! Try steeping a different tea everyday to sample your entire tea stash.
  • Set out your favorite teapot and fancy teacups or fun mugs to give the day a special touch.
  • Organize a tea tasting of 3 or more teas and invite the family to taste together and discuss.
  • Create a DIY Tea Tasting Journal with these great suggestions from Adagio Teas’ TeaMuse.
  • Start a tea subscription (see #6 here) to go on a global adventure through the world of tea without leaving home.

3. Host A Zoom Virtual Tea Party

  • Zoom gives you 40 minutes of free videoconferencing for unlimited participants and the ability to record the session for posterity. Select “Gallery View” to see everyone at once.
  • Set up a mount for your phone or tablet, or use a laptop or PC camera to keep your hands free.
  • Be mindful of talking over each other to keep the conversation understandable.
  • You can meal plan the courses and each household can prepare the same recipes to enjoy together on the call.
  • Invite the whole gang; this will be the easiest large tea party you ever host!

4. Solve A Tea Puzzle

  • Use an MDF (Medium-Density Fiberboard) Panel for a steady and moveable surface to puzzle on (found at Home Depot).
  • eBay has oodles of tea puzzles, many factory sealed.
  • Sip a delicious tea as you work.
  • Click any picture below to purchase.

5. Plan Your Next Tea Tour

  • Dreaming of future tea travels is the perfect pick-me-up during temporary confinement.
  • Reach out to your tea friends to see who’s in for a tea trip and discuss its budget and length.
  • Explore our state afternoon tea directories to chart the U.S. tea tour of your dreams.
  • Feel free to email us for recommendations.
Destination Tea Online Directories for all U.S. States

6. Scrapbook Your Favorite Afternoon Tea Parties

  • Dig up photos of your favorite teatimes and print at home or order.
  • Get inspired by tons of layout designs on Scrapbook.com.
  • Make this a social activity by holding a virtual scrapbooking session with your scrapper friends (see Zoom tips above).

7. Do Some Tea-Themed Reading

8. Fashion Show! Create Your Next Tea Ensemble

  • Try on a variety of outfits to suit your next afternoon teas at a high-end hotel, frilly tearoom, garden tea party or trendy new tearoom.
  • Get the kids in on the fun, a great opportunity to teach them what not to wear to afternoon tea (i.e., no ripped jeans or overly high-cut/low-cut pieces).
  • Encourage your tea friends to do the same, pose for photo shoots, and share pics amongst the group.

9. Color on A Tea Theme

  • Adults and kids alike can work on these coloring books together.
  • Send your final masterpieces to isolated loved ones, especially the elderly, with a kind note.
  • Click any picture below to purchase.

10. Order Afternoon Tea To-Go

  • Several tearooms are offering their afternoon tea and cream tea menus for pick-up or even delivery!
  • Use our afternoon tea directories to locate your nearest tearoom (likely you know it well already, right?)
  • Call, or visit their their website, Facebook or Instagram page for their latest updates, to see if they are offering takeout. Typically you will order online in advance and pick-up curbside at a designated time.
  • Coordinate with your local tea friends to order on the same day to cater your Zoom virtual tea party (see #3 above)
  • Scroll through these Instagram pics to see the takeout afternoon tea from Albuquerque, NM’s St. James Tearoom.

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