Destination Tea: The Emerald Chandelier

Where: Griffin, Georgia
Style: 1870s home in grandmillennial style
Tea Selection:  12+ loose leaf teas by TeaFusions
Teatimes:  Tuesday to Saturday, 3 to 5
Reservations: Reservations required
Contact: 770-733-5921 or online
Cost: $25 Afternoon Tea
Destination Tea Tips: Almost everything in The Emerald Chandelier is for sale, so leave yourself time to browse the antique furniture, table linens, home decor, vintage dishes, loose leaf teas and gifts. Lunch and brunch are served before afternoon tea hours, but beverages and desserts are served all day.

Prices and teatimes are subject to change. Please see our Georgia afternoon tea directory for the latest details.

The Emerald Chandelier exterior in Griffin, GA

Destination Tea Notes: Must…resist…the…urge…to write…in all caps!! Tea friends, run don’t walk to The Emerald Chandelier. Especially if you are in the metro Atlanta area, put this afternoon tea on your bucket list. It is absolutely worth blocking a half-day to visit Griffin’s beautiful new teahouse, run by mother-daughter team Teresa Eubanks and Ashlynn Davis. An avid antiques collector, Teresa told us how what began as an idea to open her own antiques store — perhaps with a little coffee counter to entice customers — became a full-blown tearoom. Teresa explains she was “God-led and God-inspired.” Entering the 1870s home Teresa entirely refurbished, from electrical (the house still had cloth wiring) to the front porch (which had fallen in on itself), we must agree Teresa is divinely inspired: this place is gorgeous. In addition to restoring the original gingerbread trim, roof cupola, tall windows, heart-pine floors and fireplaces, Teresa decorated with flair: painting trim and fireplaces in bright colors, selecting floor-to-ceiling wallpapers in fun patterns, adding handmade window treatments and of course, antique chandeliers.

Beyond the yummy afternoon tea menu and option to add-on wine, beer or mimosa, we love that The Emerald Chandelier revives the business model of the United States’ earliest tearooms. In the U.S., tearooms were women’s entrée into the restaurant industry, the first restaurants women could operate, staff and attend unchaperoned. Very often run out of an owner’s home, the tearoom’s dining area was also a showroom: much of what you saw in it was for sale, such as handmade items like textiles and jewelry or antique furniture and dishes. Which is how things work at The Emerald Chandelier, where you could leave with the table and chairs you sat on, or artwork that hung above. So after all, Teresa’s dream of a store for her antiques also came true. Teresa knows none of this is coincidence, and when you consider the timing — The Emerald Chandelier opened in October, just two weeks before the closing of Georgia’s oldest teahouse, beloved Tea Leaves & Thyme — you must know she is right.

Teresa Eubanks, Ashlynn Davis and Marjorie at The Emerald Chandelier in Griffin, GA
Perhaps the best part of this dream is that Teresa’s daughter and granddaughter come to work everyday. After sweet Marjorie naps, she visits with guests, much to our joy. Mom Ashlynn admits that she first thought her mother’s plan would never work, but eventually agreed to come work with her, and is now herself inspired to grow the business, dreaming up partnerships with local candlemakers to launch a line of candles scented like their favorite teas.
The Topaz Room at afternoon tea at The Emerald Chandelier
Each of the four tearooms is named for a birthstone of the women in the family. The gorgeous Topaz Room is chock-full of antiques to explore.
The Emerald Room at afternoon tea at The Emerald Chandelier in Griffin, GA
The Emerald Room features a beautiful chandelier and lattice-patterned wallpaper.
The Emerald Room at afternoon tea at The Emerald Chandelier in Griffin, GA
So many details to appreciate, like vintage tablecloths, most of which you can purchase!
Our tea table at at afternoon tea at The Emerald Chandelier in Griffin, GA
Our table set for two is softly lit by floor-to-ceiling window.

Tea Service

tea selections at at afternoon tea at The Emerald Chandelier in Griffin, GA
The house pre-selects two teas for your afternoon tea, and you are welcome to add-on other teas, wine, beer or mimosas [our strawberry mimosa is made with the juice leftover from their homemade strawberry preserves -yes!]. Made locally in Peachtree City, the tea choices of the day are Temple Garden (green & white teas, pineapple, mango, papaya, strawberry bits, orange peels and natural flavors) and our longtime favorite (lucky us!) Snowflake (black tea, coconut, almond, vanilla). Delicious!
Teabloom teapot and warmer at afternoon tea at The Emerald Chandelier in Griffin, GA
A first for us, these pretty Teabloom sets include decorative glass teapot with matching warmer.

Scones & Spreads, Savories and Sweets

Tea sandwiches at afternoon tea at The Emerald Chandelier in Griffin, GA
In the kitchen, chef April is perfecting new recipes seasonally, and she has our compliments — her food is scrumptious, and perfectly portioned for afternoon tea. After a fresh Cucumber Lemon Dill Tea Sandwich, we are very impressed by this tidy Egg Salad and Ham Ribbon Tea Sandwich, and delightfully surprised by the MayFlower Tea Sandwich (shaped like a calla lily) with Cream Cheese, Orange Marmalade and Almonds.
more tea sandwiches at afternoon tea at The Emerald Chandelier in Griffin, GA
Surprise! That was only round one of the savory course, which altogether features 6 items, including a Smoked Salmon Tea Sandwich with Capers and Red Onion, Salami Tomato Puff with Mozzarella and Parmesan (like a tiny pizza pocket), and Chicken Salad Apple Bite with Green Olive (yes to less bread!).
scones with cream at afternoon tea at The Emerald Chandelier in Griffin, GA
Blueberry scones are served with mock clotted cream, and the dessert course is a Petite Cheesecake…
chilled strawberry soup at afternoon tea at The Emerald Chandelier in Griffin, GA
…and a chilled Strawberry Soup with Raisin Bread Croutons. Yum!
Teabloom teapots for sale at afternoon tea at The Emerald Chandelier in Griffin, GA
Teabloom teapot and warmer sets are for sale, as well as jewelry, loose leaf teas, and other fun gifts that line the foyer and hall.
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