Teaware Review: Elfin Collection

Elfin Collection, Danish teaware

What: Elfin Collection’s Teapot with Warmer and Teacup Set for 2

The Deets: If you crush on the smooth lines of Scandinavian design, this teaset is for you. With cups as light as eggshells, and a functional design that thinks of everything and is easy to clean, Elfin’s teaset of BPA-free premium borosilicate glass and polished stainless steel has been designed by award-winning Danish designer Frank Kerdil. The teapot’s inset infuser basket and included warmer give you the option of cold-brewing your tea and later warming over tealight before serving. We love that Elfin is a small family business that donates a portion of each sale to local community projects. Elfin also makes a sugar and creamer set, and storage canisters (not reviewed here).

Elfin Collection teaset with teapot, teacups, teaspoons, saucers and warmer

Note to Parents: We would not recommend the teapot for use around young children, because the body becomes very hot to the touch while tea is steeping. On the other hand, the modern design of this teaset makes it perfect for your metro-cool college student or graduate moving into their first home.

Get (or Give) This Teaware:
1. Elfin Glass Teapot with Infuser and Warmer (includes 28 oz. glass teapot with inset stainless steel infuser and tealight warmer) $40.95 with free shipping
2. Elfin Glass Tea Cup and Saucer Set of 2 (includes 2 6.7 oz. glass teacups, 2 stainless steel saucers, 2 stainless steel demitasse spoons) $25.95 with free shipping

Fresh mint and blueberries for homemade tisane
We pick fresh mint and blueberries from our summer garden to make a blueberry-mint tisane.
Ready to steep blueberry mint tisane in the Elfin teapot
The clever design of the removable (for washing) non-drip spout is a thoughtful touch. We like the long infuser basket that extends nearly the full length of the teapot, to allow more room for tea leaves to open.
Love that the the glass knob on the teapot lid stays room temperature
We push gently on the lid to seal it securely into the silicon piece that doubles as a holder for the infuser basket.
Elfin Collection teapot, teacups, saucers, spoons and warmer
Both the lid handle and the teapot handle stay cool to the touch, while the body of the teapot gets very hot as we pour in the boiling water for our tisane. We appreciate the sweet size of the demitasse spoon, find the glass teacup astonishingly weightless, and the stainless steel saucer a sturdy base.
Mint blueberry tea fogs the glass teacup by Elfin Collection
Was our blueberry-mint tisane a fail? We learn (in part from consulting with Tea Master in Training Aranthza Fenimore of Ivy Tea House) that fresh mint leaves don’t produce the green-hued liquor we expected from a mint tea, which is more typical when using dried mint leaves. Ari suggests next time we try muddling the leaves a bit, but we noted, the flavor was deliciously minty, even if our brew was clear. This brings to mind that this glass teaset would also be ideal for tea tasters and tea explorers who want to observe the true color of their teas and tisanes.

[Note: Elfin Collection gifted the reviewed items to Destination Tea.]

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