Destination Tea: Vintage Tea Tours

Where:  Dublin, Ireland
Style:  1960s Retro
Tea Selection:  Variety of bagged teas, coffee, hot chocolate
Teatimes:  Wednesday to Sunday – 11, 1:15 or 3:30
Reservations:  Pre-paid reservations required
Contact:  +353 1 6773541 or book online
€50 VIP Top Deck; 45 Adult; 25 Child (ages 6 to 14)
Destination Tea Tips:  Choose upper deck or window seats for the best views. While tipping in Ireland is not expected, you might bring some cash (Euros) to thank your servers/tour guides/driver.

Vintage Tea Tours 1960s Double-Decker

Destination Tea Notes:  Inspired by afternoon tea bus tours in England, Vintage Tea Tours has brought this great concept to Dublin, Ireland. Especially for newcomers to the city (not yet accustomed to driving on the left), this would be an excellent activity for your first day, because it’s a festive and relaxing way to familiarize yourself with Dublin and its main sights. Adults and children alike are enthralled upon entering the 1960’s double-decker bus, smiling at the pretty bunting over our heads as we slip into our green tufted leather seats. Tea trays are at the ready, 1950’s jazz begins to play, our drink orders are taken, and we are on our way. How does one serve afternoon tea while rambling through this bustling city? You’ll soon see!

Entering the lower deck of our Vintage Tea Tour bus
Finding our seats at the front of the bus
Table setting at Vintage Tea Tours
Our tables are set with china plates cleverly kept from sliding by sitting on mini rug pads. Beautifully illustrated keepsake guides give an in-depth explanation of the sights we’ll see.
Hosts on the Vintage Tea Tour bus
Both tour guide and server, our hosts Jack and Jack keep us full of hot beverages, and interested in Dublin trivia with pop quizzes. They are consummate hosts, taking time to chat with us and advise us on our itinerary.

Tea Selection

Tea cups on Vintage Tea Tours
Tea is served in souvenir screw-top insulated cups, kept secure in cup holders set into the table at each place setting. Guests have a variety of teas to choose from, as well as non-tea options. The kids love their hot chocolates, though one daughter does opt for a fruity pomegranate tisane. I enjoy my Earl Grey from Robert Roberts, fittingly a century-old Dublin-based tea company.

Scones & Spreads, Savories and Sweets

tea tray at Vintage Tea Tours
Scrumptious afternoon tea tray at the ready, again kept secure by a rug pad underneath
Clotted cream at Vintage Tea Tours
After following Rodda’s Cream Tea Society on social media for a couple years, we are a bit starstruck to be trying their Cornish clotted cream for the first time. Looks like butter, but spreads so easily that we understand how the Cornish can put it over their jam. We spread gourmet strawberry preserves over fruit scones that are a bit more dense than we’d like, but tasty all the same.
Tea sandwiches at Vintage Tea Tours
Tea sandwich selection includes egg salad (called “egg mayo” in Ireland), ham and cheese (a favorite) and jam, all good and of generous portions.
Because we added another person at the last minute, they are so gracious as to give us an extra plate of sandwiches, this one with a chicken curry (so good!).
Desserts include a strawberry cheesecake (fabulous), chocolate brownie and fruit custard tartlet.
Back of Vintage Tea Tour bus
We agree: tea is liquid therapy. P.S. How fun would it be to book the whole bus for a bachelorette party or bridal shower?
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