New Logo, New Video and Our First Takeout Afternoon Tea

Introducing the New Destination Tea Logo!

Well, tea friends, after four years, it is time to retire our first Destination Tea logo, which I had originally cobbled together without graphic design software. Special thanks to my good friends Jennifer Stowe of Three Sisters Tearoom and Michael Bradley for encouraging this change, to help visitors better know what Destination Tea does.

I sat down with the talented Emily Allred to discuss our mission and brand essence, and God bless her, she totally got what I was describing, which sounded something like, “clean but not too modern, historical but whimsical, romantic but not too frilly, pretty but not too feminine…” Basically, I’m a dream client. To Emily’s credit, she envisioned exactly what I was feeling. Thank you, Emily!

#Goals: We Are THE Afternoon Tea Directory for the USA

It is our deepest wish that someday soon everyone who loves afternoon tea will use Destination Tea to find afternoon tea near home and when they travel throughout the US. And so we needed this new logo to clearly state that Destination Tea is THE comprehensive directory for afternoon tea. Hence, the map pin, featuring the iconic three-tier tray of afternoon tea.

We also hope this will clear up any confusion with our visitors, who at times have thought we ourselves throw tea parties, list all tea shops, or sell tea. Our new logo aims to say, “Let us help you find an afternoon tea.” Thank you Emily for working up a fresh design that gets out our message!

Please let us know, what do you think of our new logo?

New Video: Setting the Afternoon Tea Table

Inspired by all the cream teas and takeout afternoon teas we have been seeing on social media, we decided to set the table for a garden tea, and order afternoon tea to-go. Lucky us, that Ivy Tea House in Norcross, Georgia, began offering a curbside pickup menu, including two different afternoon teas. Naturally, we had to sample both.

Bonus! My brother’s family lives nearby, so my sister-in-law and I planned a virtual tea party for our families. She kindly picked up all our orders, and delivered ours to us (thankfully!) because while she did that, I set the table for an afternoon tea al fresco and made our newest video.

It’s a good thing it has become our custom to add bloopers to the end of our videos, because we had plenty of outtakes to add to this one. Note to self: don’t film in the backyard on a Saturday unless I need lawn mower sound effects.

Afternoon Tea Menus To-Go, from Ivy Tea House

If you’ve been following our posts over the past year, you know that we have dubbed Ivy Tea House in nearby Norcross, GA, our “home teahouse” because we simply love everything about this teahouse (and feel so fortunate that they are ten minutes from us).

The anticipation of discovering what’s inside…

They currently offer a takeout menu, which happily includes “Afternoon Tea #1” or “Afternoon Tea #2” for $30, or $50 for two. Note: two people could easily share one order because Ivy Tea House generously serves two of each menu item in one afternoon tea order. Forgetting this, we ordered two of each menu for the four of us. Worry not! Nothing went to waste and we happily feasted for two days.

Each afternoon tea order comes with your choice of a dozen loose leaf teas, packaged in tea sacs.
We bring out a medley of 2-cup teapots and boil water for Oolong Formosa, Green Garden, Peach and Lemon Meringue teas, chosen to complement our garden teatime with the scents of orchards and herb gardens.
Afternoon Tea #1 includes fabulous tuna salad tea sandwiches, ham and brie profiteroles, chicken salad profiteroles, classic cream puffs, lemon squares, scones with jam, lemon curd, and ivy cream.
Afternoon Tea #2 includes cucumber sandwiches on focaccia with parmesan, (surprise favorite) veggie pinwheels, decadent pimiento cheese tea sandwiches, classic cream puffs, lemon squares, scones with jam, lemon curd, and ivy cream.
Time to stock our tea tray with scrumptiousness
How glad the heart of the child who looks upon the pretty splendor of an afternoon tea!
Tea is poured and the luxuriating begins.
Our teen reviewers emerge, lured by delicious treats, and we Facetime the family for our virtual tea party.
Hello to our family! They take their tea in the kitchen and we admit the wisdom of that setup for a virtual tea, as we try conversing between episodes of our neighbor using his power saw. Oh well, we had some good laughs, and my nieces used their mini teaset for the party.

While it was scrumptious fun to takeout an afternoon tea and throw ourselves a virtual tea party, it did leave me yearning for a return to normalcy, when my mother, sister-in-law and I can go out to tea again and have a proper tea conversation, in person. In the meantime, for anyone living in Norcross and the surrounding areas, we highly recommend an Ivy Tea House takeout tea to treat yourselves or brighten the spirits of a loved one.

Please share your posts of cream tea and afternoon tea at home with us by tagging #destinationtea. Wishing you all a healthy and tea-filled summer.

Tea Voyageuse, discovering the world of afternoon tea, based in Atlanta, Georgia.


  1. What a delightful presentation. Elegant, instructive, whimsical, and beautiful. I wish I could have been there with you!

  2. Lovely idea. And such a wonderful way to do something special and bring some calming distraction in these odd times! Well done!

    1. Thank you Sonya, the kids especially appreciate there being something special on the calendar after so long isolated from their friends. Hope you are having some calming teatimes at home too!

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