Let the Afternoon Tea Fanfare Begin

Welcome to the world of afternoon tea! Maybe you’ve loved going to tea for decades or years, maybe you’re a newbie to “taking tea,” maybe you’re an Anglophile who loves pretty things and beautiful places or maybe you just love a good time out with friends. However you found your way here, you are in for a treat (or rather, many scrumptious things). afternoon tea cupboard

At Destination Tea, the talk is all about the ritual of afternoon tea. We’ll be spreading the word about where you can find a great tearoom, beginning with Metro Atlanta and including any destination teas we have the luck of attending.

But certainly afternoon tea can be just as thoroughly enjoyed at home with a little preparation (and does not require you to develop a vast teacup and teapot collection, though my cupboard is evidence that I understand the temptation). That’s why we’ll test and share simple, delicious recipes for your tea tray at home.

We’ll also get better acquainted with the elements and etiquette of afternoon tea to make sure that all guests at the tea table are at ease.

And given that most of us teagoers are not certified Master Tea Tasters, we’ll become familiar with the types of tea you may find on a tea menu, to help you find your favorites.

As an introduction, please visit Tea Story and Afternoon Tea 101. As we learn more about afternoon tea from the many experts around the world, we hope you and other visitors to Destination Tea will add to that knowledge, which we will happily pass on.

That’s what we do at Destination Tea:  our small part in keeping alive the lovely tradition of afternoon tea in our fast-paced modern world.

Tea Voyageuse, discovering the world of afternoon tea, based in Atlanta, Georgia.

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