Holiday Tea Gift Guide 2023

We like to release Destination Tea’s Holiday Gift Guide for tea enthusiasts in the fall, to take the rush out of finding the perfect gift for your tea drinking friends and family. As this is our 5th year sharing some of our favorite tea-themed treasures with our readers, remember you’ll find dozens of delightful gift suggestions for every budget in our gift guides from holidays past, from our favorite tea advent calendars to glamorous three-tiered trays, electric kettles and the best loose leaf tea infuser. This year, we add to more of our favorite gift ideas for your tea friends, and we completely understand if some of these need to be a gift you give yourself.

1. Handmade Enamel Stovetop Teapot (32 oz.) by BORNN

BORNN enamal teapots

Why This: These beautiful enamel teapots are handmade in Turkey by sisters Basak Onay and Oyku Thurston. Just as much as we love two sisters co-creating, we adore stylish teapots that can be used on an oven, grill, stovetop or campfire. Choose from Blush, Lemon Cream and Mint swirled designs.
Find it: $34.30 here

2. Sugar Teapots by Canasuc

canasuc teapot sugars

Why This: Parisian company Canasuc rightfully says, “L’Art de vivre c’est aussi l’art d’offrir pour le plus grand des plaisirs,” (for the greatest pleasure, the art of living is also the art of giving). Their box of 32 molded teapot sugar pieces in white and amber adds a touch of cuteness to teatime. This would also be a great gift for a friend who loves hosting afternoon tea, as she can then delight her guests with this creative touch.
Find it: $25.83 here (Amazon affiliate link)

3. TeaTalk Conversation Cards by WeSteep Tea

WeSteep Tea TeaTalk conversation cards

Why This: Full disclosure, WeSteep Tea has advertised on Destination Tea. When we saw how several of our followers said they needed these conversation cards pronto, we realized they needed to make our holiday gift guide. Two things we especially like about this box set of 150 conversation starters: they are intentionally designed to bring folks together rather than introduce controversial topics (much needed in today’s world) and they help new friends and multi-generational groups listen to each other’s stories to form deeper connections as they sip tea together. Check out how Atlanta tea party caterer The Cheeky Teacup had the idea to set one card in a place card holder at each person’s seat.
Find it: $21 here

4. Virtual Tea Tasting and Afternoon Tea Classes

afternoon tea class

Why This: We are fortunate to have been gifted both a virtual afternoon tea cooking class and a virtual tea tasting this year, and they were so much fun! Sometimes, the recipient is shipped a kit of loose leaf teas and other needed materials before the online session, other times, they are sent a shopping list to procure beforehand. It’s such a delight to participate in these online experiences, where you learn more about one of your favorite things, and connect with fellow tea drinkers along the way.
Find it: $16.49 Rare Tea Company Masterclass here; $24+ Open Door Tea Virtual Tea Time and Tasting here; $50+ Learn to Make Authentic Chai and many more by Class Bento here

5. Decorative Tea Tray

tea trays

Why This: Whether the recipient has a daily tea ritual or frequently hosts afternoon tea, a beautiful tea tray large enough to fit a teapot, teacups and saucers, a sugar bowl and creamer would be a very useful present. Many tea lovers like to set out a tea tray with tea napkins, fresh flowers and tchotchkes to fit the season or holiday. Tea trays also save you trips to the sink during cleanup. Look for porcelain, metal or rattan trays, something that won’t be damaged by a hot teapot, at least 12″ long, with raised sides to keep everything in place, and handles are a bonus, too. Options abound for every style and budget (search “serving tray with handles”), and here are some we like.
Find it: 1. $59.95 Wicker Creek Handle Tray by Lenox here; 2. $39.95 Stainless Steel Tray by Metallurgica Motto here; 3. $29.99 Lacquer Wood Tray by West Elm here; 4. $90 Rustic Brass Decorative Tray by A&B Home here; 5. $51.99 Decorative Teal Tray by Kate and Laurel here

6. Harry Potter Themed Tea Gifts

harry potter themed tea gifts

Why This: There’s definite crossover between Potterheads and tea drinkers. After all, Hogsmeade Village included Madam Puddifoot’s Tea Shop, Professor Umbridge enjoyed tea during Harry’s detention, and Professor Trelawney taught tea leaf reading in her Divinations class. Having just released our Harry Potter Afternoon Tea guide, we are just giddy about the Potter-themed tea things we discovered.
Find it: $15+ Creamers to Teasets from the Harry Potter shop here; more discoveries in Destination Tea’s Harry Potter Afternoon Tea Pinterest board here

7. UK ONLY – Afternoon Tea Chocolates by Choc on Choc

chocolate afternoon tea

Why This: Do you have a friend across the pond who can help you procure these? We just couldn’t leave this chocolate gift set off the list, it’s too amazing, and perfect for the afternoon tea goer. Handmade in Somerset, England, this set includes two chocolate cucumber sandwiches, two chocolate scones with an oozing raspberry sauce middle, a mini chocolate pot of jam and a dark chocolate display slate.
Find it: £30 here

The Gift of Afternoon Tea

Of course, you can give the best gift of all: the gift of your presence, by treating your tea friend to a holiday afternoon tea. Check our state directories to see what’s available near home or if you are traveling for the holidays, and remember to take pictures of the memory you will make together.

Do you have a special tea gift on your holiday wishlist? Comment below and inspire us!

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