Destination Tea: Twenty Six Divine

Update: As of March 2023, Twenty Six Divine only caters tea parties at your location.

Where: Charleston, South Carolina
Style:  Coastal charm
Tea Selection:  6 loose leaf teas by Charleston Tea Plantation
Teatimes: Monday to Saturday, 11:30-4:30
Reservations:  24-hour notice minimum
Contact:  843-297-8118
Cost: $28 Afternoon Tea
Destination Tea Tips: 
You’ll find the entrance to the tearoom at the building’s rear, near the parking area, which is tight to maneuver, so consider parking on the street nearby.

Prices and teatimes are subject a change. Please see our South Carolina afternoon tea directory for the latest details.

front of Twenty Six Divine in Charleston, SC
twenty six divine mosaic sign in Charleston, SC
Awesome mosaic signage

Destination Tea Notes:  Our hosts, chefs Enan and Jenn Parenzo have, like any good marriage, the perfect division of labor, with Jenn whipping up delicious desserts and Enan crafting the savories. Prepare yourself for an extraordinary culinary treat with these two professional chefs in the kitchen. Also, guests will delight in spotting artistic touches like the custom branded “Twenty Six Divine” tables, outdoor signage, eclectic teaware and locally sourced gifts. We couldn’t help purchasing a piece of the beautiful local artwork decorating the walls of the cozy, prettily painted tearoom, found at the back of this Charleston single house (so named because it is one-room wide). While the tearoom seats about 20, it is no amateur affair. Rather, it feels like we have lucked into a secret afternoon tea club, with Jenn herself as our hostess, friendly and ready to present a creatively crafted, exquisite menu to her guests. This tearoom earns its moniker:  divine!

Rear entrance at twenty six divine in Charleston, SC
Coral entrance at the building’s rear and glimpse of the warm-weather outdoor patio
interior twenty-six divine in Charleston, SC
Love that green cake plate! Jenn serves in this intimate setting, with local artwork and wares for sale.
Table at twenty-six divine in Charleston, SC
Set with the traditional Charleston palmetto rose, our table welcomes us to the local scene.

Tea Service

Tea selection at twenty-six divine in Charleston, SC
The list of add-on adult beverages is tempting, but we stick with the Charleston Tea Plantation’s Rockville Raspberry. Jenn graciously brings out the tea tin to see if this is actually a tisane and we happily discover it to be a flavored black tea. (We like caffeine!)
Teapot at twenty-six divine in Charleston, SC
Pretty nature-themed teaware. Smart use of a removable t-sac prevents oversteeping of black teas.

Scones & Spreads, Savories and Sweets

Spreads at twenty-six divine in Charleston, SC
Jenn’s homemade strawberry compote bursts with flavor (spy the bright red dollop next to the butter). We make sure not to leave any behind. Other spreads include raspberry jam and whipped cream.
afternoon tea curate at Twenty Six Divine in Charleston, SC
Freshly baked vanilla bean scones are paired with orange chocolate chip biscotti on the top tier.
savories at afternoon tea at Twenty Six Divine in Charleston, SC
There is no weak link in this afternoon tea menu. Our creatively flavored savories are each as delicious as the next, including: pimiento cheese and cucumber sandwiches, curry deviled eggs with marinated carrots, roasted red pepper chicken salad sandwiches with spinach and tomatoes, and smoked salmon, caper and dill cream cheese hearts.
Desserts at Twenty Six Divine in Charleston, SC
Oftentimes the dessert course of afternoon tea can be an overly rich and sweet affair. Not so when Jenn is baking! Your palate exclaims at intense flavors that live up to their names: glazed strawberry and custard tartlets, pink champagne petite cakes (yes, we tasted champagne!), apricot linzer tarts and chocolate caramel ganache petite cakes.
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