Destination Tea: Sweet Tease Tea Room and Cafe

Where:  Belmar, New Jersey
Style:  Pretty cafe
Tea Selection:  1 prepared tea at afternoon tea;
50+ loose leaf teas in shop
Teatimes:  Tuesday to Saturday, 11 to 3; Sunday 11 to 2
Reservations:  24-hour notice
Contact:  732-722-8030
Cost:  $30 Afternoon Tea; $20 Child’s Afternoon Tea
Destination Tea Tips:  We recommend requesting a second tea when you reach the scone course if you’d like to sample others from Sweet Tease’s vast selection. Also, if your child would like to enjoy the full adult afternoon tea, make sure to specify this in your reservation.

Prices and teatimes are subject to change. Please see our New Jersey afternoon tea directory for the latest details.

Exterior Sweet Tease in Belmar, NJ

Destination Tea Notes: Afternoon tea at Sweet Tease is a leisurely affair made special with beautiful teacups and homemade goodies. The eye alights upon creative design elements from embossed tabletops to multi-colored fabric streamers as we walk back to the cozy, private room near the kitchen for our afternoon tea. Her tone sweetly gracious, our server is accommodating and informative throughout the meal. Our only tweak to this satisfying tea service would be that Sweet Tease invites guests to choose from the tearoom’s impressive tea selection, rather than pre-choosing one tea for the bottomless pot of tea. Don’t hide your (tea) light under a bushel!

Entrance to Sweet Tease in Belmar, NJ
To enter, find the pink doors by passing through this canopied corner.
Interior Sweet Tease, Belmar, NJ
Brightly colored main tearoom with overhead fabric streamers
Table at Sweet Tease afternoon tea, Belmar, NJ
To find our table, we pass through the main room to this cozy space, softly lit with outdoor string lighting.
Tea table at Sweet Tease, Belmar, NJ
The next generation of Destination Tea (love these girls)
Having Grandma, 94, at a tea table with her great-granddaughters makes this our most special afternoon tea of 2018. Asked to share one of her favorite songs from her time, she shyly broke into the sweet, “Pal of My Cradle Days.” As I wished to forever remember this moment, I thought, this is the beauty of afternoon tea. We slow down, we connect and we make memories with the ones who are so very dear to us.

Tea Service

Tea service at Sweet Tease, Belmar, NJ
Bourbon Street Vanilla Rooibos is ready and waiting for us when we arrive, which is a welcoming touch. Afternoon tea here includes bottomless pots of the pre-selected tea, but later in the meal we agree we would also like to sample a caffeinated tea from Sweet Tease’s varied selection (pictured below), and very much enjoy our choice of Monk’s Blend.
Swizzle stick at Sweet Tease in Belmar, NJ
Here’s a first for us: sugar offered in the whimsical form of a swizzle stick. You can rightly predict that the kids love this touch.
Teacup at Sweet Tease in Belmar, GA
Gorgeous teacup

Scones & Spreads, Savories and Sweets

Soup at Sweet Tease in Belmar, NJ
Vegan tomato soup has a multi-layered flavor that has us guessing at its ingredients — lentils! We appreciate this dairy-free version of a tearoom favorite, to balance the richness of courses to come.
Our afternoon tea curate arrives.
Tea sandwiches at Sweet Tease in Belmar, NJ
We love homemade afternoon teas! Sweet Tease serves homemade chicken salad with cranberries, pecan, celery and onion on homemade croissant, homemade egg salad with sweet red pepper on multi-grain, and cucumber and herbed cheese pinwheels – all delicious!
Scones and clotted cream at Sweet Tease in Belmar, NJ
Not naming names, but some of us had to go back for second helpings of these scrumptious homemade orange cranberry and vanilla scones, served with organic strawberry jam and homemade clotted cream.
Desserts at Sweet Tease in Belmar, NJ
Dessert includes apricot rugelach, double fudge brownies (yes, as rich as they look), homemade cheesecake and pecan sandies.

Child’s Tea

Children's tea at Sweet Tease
Children’s sandwich plate includes cream cheese and jelly on white, and cucumber pinwheels with grapes.
Cupcake decorating at Sweet Tease in Belmar, NJ
For the kids, time to decorate cupcakes with frosting, sprinkles and sugar pearls.
Sweet Tease teas in Belmar, NJ
This is our favorite world: The World of Tea! Many tempting choices to take home.
We spy tea-themed and locally made gifts in the main room. Love this mug’s message…

And Darling, don’t forget there’s magic.”

Tea Voyageuse, discovering the world of afternoon tea, based in Atlanta, Georgia.


  1. How wonderful to have so many generations gather for tea! And what a wonderful tea it was. I especially like the “decorate it yourself” idea for the children’s cupcakes.

    1. Joy, yes, it is so special to have multiple generations take tea together. We have seen cookie/cupcake decorating for the younger ones once or twice before — a clever way to keep them engaged and included at the tea table.

  2. I love this post! Your pictures and description of this tea destination make this reader want to skip out for a day, and immerse oneself in all that your words and pictures represent. Sweet Tease seems to be such a place. Sooooooo inviting. How blessed are we when we have family to share these wonderful experiences with. Keep up the outstanding posts and reviews!

  3. We just returned to Sweet Tease last week for a post-pandemic outing. Our small group of ladies – two adults and two children – enjoyed a lovely visit there. Starting out with two teas ( a hot decaffeinated roiboois ginger tea; and an iced peach blend tea with light caffeine); followed by watermelon soup; and then a three-tiered tray of savories, scones and sweets; we were well nourished for sure. The menu included chicken salad on scones; tomato cream spread sandwiches; spinach zucchini quiche; cucumber pinwheels on skewers; blueberry scones; iced banana mini-muffins; lemon bars and more. It was all delicious and every recipe made in-house from scratch. I am certain we will go back there yet again!

    1. Thank you for sharing your summertime afternoon tea menu at Sweet Tease, as this review was for a wintertime visit. So glad you all had a good time. It’s a real treat when a tearoom makes the entire menu from scratch.

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