Destination Tea: City Café & Bakery

Where: Fayetteville, Georgia
Style:  German bakery
Tea Selection: 2 prepared teas
Teatimes:  Select Wednesdays at 3 pm
Reservations: Reservations required
Contact: or 770-461-6800
Cost: $35 Afternoon Tea
Destination Tea Tip: Afternoon tea is usually served on the covered outdoor patio. Before heading home, you may need to peruse the bakery counter full of freshly baked pastries for some take-home treats.

Prices and teatimes are subject to change. Please see our Georgia Afternoon Tea Directory for the latest details.

afternoon tea at Fayetteville's City Café & Bakery

Destination Tea Notes: Two years after purchasing City Café & Bakery, owners Izzy and Sonia Salgado have introduced a new afternoon tea service, offered on select Wednesdays. Typically for this occasion, outdoor patio tables are dressed up in white lace tablecloths, but on our visit, a storm forced the event indoors. We were glad for the opportunity to take tea in the inviting dining room that feels like a cross between a large hall and a city courtyard, warmed by street lamps, flower boxes and brick accents. As expected, the highlight of this afternoon tea are the freshly crafted desserts, but we also have compliments for the sandwich selection. Our attentive server wisely gave us plenty of time to enjoy our afternoon tea at our leisure. Naturally we cheer the fact that afternoon-tea-goers south of Atlanta have a new venue to explore, but we equally love that the homemade menu here changes every month, so guests can experience new delights on each visit.

afternoon tea at Fayetteville's City Café & Bakery
welcome to afternoon tea at Fayetteville's City Café & Bakery
In the cafe lobby, a previous afternoon tea menu is displayed with a beautiful blue and white Danish Royal Copenhagen teaset (including a teapot and a coffee pot)

Tea Selection

teapot at afternoon tea at Fayetteville's City Café & Bakery
Loving the delicate china and beautiful floral teapot
butterfly pea flower tea at Fayetteville's City Café & Bakery
A squeeze of the provided lemon slices sets off a magical chemical reaction that changes the color of the first tea: Butterfly Pea Flower. Typically this herbal tea is a deep blue that changes to purple when the acidity of the lemon juice changes its pH. The undoctored butterfly tea was green, we suspected because the teas here need to be brewed more strongly (they need more tea leaves for the amount of water).
tea at afternoon tea at Fayetteville's City Café & Bakery
The second tea offered was a “Raspberry Lemoncello,” which we also found to be weakly brewed, unfortunate because we like this flavor choice.

Scones & Spreads, Savories and Sweets

tea friends at afternoon tea at Fayetteville's City Café & Bakery
We could have chatted well into the evening: Kim Jordy of the former Woodstock teahouse Tea Leaves & Thyme, novelist Angela McCrae of Tea with Friends and Griffin teahouse owner Teresa Eubanks of The Emerald Chandelier.
delicious sandwiches at Fayetteville's City Café & Bakery
The delectable savory course included a Smoked Salmon Caper Pinwheel, Spanakopita and Roast Beef Pinwheel. The only miss was the Grilled Vegetable Focaccia which had hardened to a tough bite.
tiered tray at afternoon tea at Fayetteville's City Café & Bakery
Rather than sort the courses, sandwiches, scones and sweets are piled onto a two tiered silver tray. We retrieve a soft, glazed lemon scone served with a whipped cream for our second course. Looking at pics of their previous afternoon teas, they do usually sort the courses to keep the savories from marring the lovely desserts. We expect the last-minute scramble to move the event indoors may have had something to do with the changes.
desserts at afternoon tea at Fayetteville's City Café & Bakery
For dessert, an Almond Croissant, Chocolate Dome and Fruit Tart are the perfect finish to the meal.
dessert counter at Fayetteville's City Café & Bakery
Tempting treats to take home
outdoor patio at Fayetteville's City Café & Bakery
The large outdoor patio where afternoon tea is usually served
Tea Voyageuse, discovering the world of afternoon tea, based in Atlanta, Georgia.

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