Destination Tea: Joseph’s Tea

Where: Clearwater, Florida
Style:  Cheery modern
Tea Selection:  75+ loose leaf teas
Teatimes:  Tuesday to Thursday, 9 to 4; Friday to Sunday, 9 to 5
Reservations: Reservations recommended, walk-ins welcome
Contact: 352-679-1339
Cost: $50 Deluxe Afternoon Tea Experience; $38 Afternoon Tea Experience
Destination Tea Tips: Happily, this is one of those tearooms that sells fascinators, in case you need one for your teatime, you can nab one on the spot. Joseph’s Tea has expanded to a large space, which can host up to 80 people, ideal for serving afternoon tea at your bridal or baby shower, or other celebration. The tearoom also serves breakfast and lunch, so you have the option of inviting friends who aren’t interested in the afternoon tea menu (but do those kind of friends exist? ;))

Prices and teatimes are subject to change. Please see our Florida Afternoon Tea Directory for the latest details.

Destination Tea Notes: In 2021, when husband-and-wife Guerby and Shannon Joseph decided to open a brick-n-mortar location for their line of teas, which were selling out at local farmers markets and online, they could not know that their original space (pictured below) would quickly become too small. One year later, they expanded into the 2,000-square-foot space next door, Guerby himself continuing to install the decor and artwork, from wall art to custom epoxy floors. Best of all, “Mom,” (Shannon’s mother) is in the kitchen, where she’s whipping up freshly made breakfasts, lunches and afternoon tea courses. We also have to thank our servers, Sarah and Sam, who breeze amongst the tea tables to make sure everyone has everything they need, promptly, but without rushing us. You’ll likely want to complete your visit by exploring their loose leaf teas (ask to smell the ones that interest you) and taking some home. After all, sharing with others the benefits of a delicious tea is the original passion of this tea company: “creating magical experiences for people looking for a quiet break or a shared moment over a healthy cup of tea.”

tearoom with tea bar at Afternoon tea at Joseph's Tea in Clearwater, Florida
Joseph’s Tea’s first tearoom includes a bar and gift shop (at front)
tearooms in mustard gold, turquoise, black and white at Afternoon tea at Joseph's Tea in Clearwater, Florida
To the right of the doorway that leads to the expanded tearoom, a cute alcove is perfect for portraits.
a wall of windows at Afternoon tea at Joseph's Tea in Clearwater, Florida
Joseph’s Tea tearooms are brightly lit and done up in turquoise, gold, white, black and peacock blue.
Jeanette the lovely at Afternoon tea at Joseph's Tea in Clearwater, Florida
“J” is also for Jeanette! Years before Destination Tea became a reality, Jeanette and Angela were visiting tearooms and cracking themselves up over their sugar-cube rating system for their imaginary reviews.
getting the tea ready at Afternoon tea at Joseph's Tea in Clearwater, Florida
A handmade border sports “J’s” and “T’s,” and we love that our server has joined the afternoon tea fun, donning her own fascinator.

Tea Selection

china teapots at Afternoon tea at Joseph's Tea in Clearwater, Florida
Each guest chooses their own (very large) pot of tea from Joseph’s Tea’s extensive tea list, which servers are happy to help you navigate.
Jeanette and Angela at Afternoon tea at Joseph's Tea in Clearwater, Florida
In this space, large groups of friends can easily share afternoon tea at long tables. We start with champagne while we mull over the tea list.

Scones & Spreads, Savories and Sweets

salad at Afternoon tea at Joseph's Tea in Clearwater, Florida
The meal opens with a Berry Delight Salad with Raspberry Balsamic Vinaigrette.
three-tiered tray at Afternoon tea at Joseph's Tea in Clearwater, Florida
Next the tiered tray arrives. Each guest is invited to select two tea sandwich flavors, one whole and one half, on your choice of bread or croissant.
tea sandwiches at Afternoon tea at Joseph's Tea in Clearwater, Florida
Our sandwiches (chicken salad and ham salad) are generously portioned and tasty, but the standout in this course is the fresh crunch of the Veggie and Hummus Delight.
scones with clotted cream at Afternoon tea at Joseph's Tea in Clearwater, Florida
For the scone course, we delight at housemade clotted cream and strawberry jam. On the whole, we’d prefer the home baked raisin tea biscuit and chocolate chip and brown sugar scones to be less dense and softer inside.
desserts at Afternoon tea at Joseph's Tea in Clearwater, Florida
Dessert is macarons imported from France, double chocolate brownies and petit fours. We also have chocolate covered strawberries because we selected the Deluxe Afternoon Tea Experience.
Tea Voyageuse, discovering the world of afternoon tea, based in Atlanta, Georgia.


  1. Thank you to Angela and Jeanette from Destination Tea for this lovely review of our beautiful Joseph’s Tea Room in Clearwater!

    We are honored to have Tea Experts such as yourselves come to our unique Tea Room. We absolutely love to see all the fabulous Tea Rooms that you visit and hope one day to also be able to travel to these destinations. We are humble and eager to continue to perfect our craft. Much love and blessings,

    Shannon Joseph
    CEO and Co-Founder of Joseph’s Tea

  2. Just stumbled upon this delightful review of Joseph’s Tea on Destination Tea! The warm ambiance, vast selection of teas, and delicious food offerings make it sound like the perfect spot for a cozy afternoon. I can’t wait to try their unique tea blends and indulge in their homemade scones. Thanks for sharing this hidden gem with fellow tea enthusiasts! 🍵✨

      1. Definitely!
        Wishing you all the success with your delightful tea spot!

        P.S. Creating a curated list of must-visit tea places in every state/city/town would be a fantastic resource for tea enthusiasts and travelers alike. It would be such a treat to explore these gems on our journeys. 🍵✈️🌎

        1. Liking the way you think! We are always collecting recommendations from our readers and whenever we are asked for recommendations, we share them. We’re thinking we need to begin touring to experience our favorites, but up until now our wishlist has been private…

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