In Soccer, It’s Called a Hat Trick for Destination Tea

Destination Tea turns 8 years old in February, and for that long, Southern Living, TeaTime and national lifestyle publications have been on our media coverage wishlist. After all, for Destination Tea to do its job (help people discover afternoon tea in the U.S.), all the people need to know we exist, right? And that we’re maintaining a U.S. Afternoon Tea Directory. We still have more than 85% new visitors every day, which means to us that there’s a whole world of current and future tea lovers out there who still need to find Destination Tea.

That is why we are currently overjoyed that the universe (or rather, several wonderful writers/editors) conspired to include Destination Tea in three of our wishlist publications at once! Special thanks to Sibrena Stowe-Geraldino at DREW magazine, Katherine Ellis at TeaTime, and Maddy Weinfield at Southern Living for helping make a Destination Tea dream come true!

Two DT kid reviewers are depicted in this contributed article – thank you Katherine and TeaTime!
Love how they wrote up this blurb – thank you Sibrena and DREW magazine!

Vision Boards Work! [A personal note from Angela]

At 45 years old, I suspect I am just beginning to understand how the universe works. Would you believe me if I said I did a vision board workshop in January (thank you, Mom) and it included the Southern Living logo, as well as a teacup to represent TeaTime magazine? For the holidays, if I could give one gift to everyone, it would be to know the power we each have to attract good people and outcomes into our lives. Louise Hay was one of my first teachers of this concept, so I’ll share her book with you in gratitude for her work, and in hope that it inspires you to create something wonderful for yourself. Happy holidays!

[The book image is a commission link].

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