Introducing Destination Tea’s NEW Tea Apparel (Tea Shirts, Tanks, Crop Tops and Hoodies)

Destination Tea’s first ever line of tea apparel is now for sale! We are anxious to know what you think of our designs and the fun shirt colors we’ve chosen to complement them – so please let us know (comment below or email us – and thank you!). We hope tea lovers of all ages will find a tea shirt they love in Destination Tea’s collection. Most importantly, we had to create The Afternoon Tea Shirt: “Afternoons Are Made for This,” because, as we know, they are.

Destination Tea's Tea Shirt Designs
Tea Shirt Designs by Destination Tea

Choose Your Color

Each one of Destination Tea’s designs comes in a variety of shirt colors, so be sure to explore all the options in our store. Depending on which colors best complement each design, you may find your tea shirt in blue, white, gray, black, green, maroon, brown, oatmeal, red or purple.

The Afternoon Tea Shirt: “Afternoons Are Made for This”

Afternoons Are Made for This Tea Shirt by Destination Tea

Of course featuring the 3-tiered tray, pretty teapot and teacups, this shirt is for the afternoon tea enthusiast. You never know, if the right person sees you wearing this one, you might snag an invitation to an afternoon tea, or meet a new tea friend to go with!

Drinks On Me

Drinks on Me Tea Shirt by Destination Tea
This one’s perfect for your teetotaler friends, though you certainly don’t have to be one to love this tea shirt. After all, one of the best things about a tea party is that friends can have a luxurious and fun outing, minus the hangover. The only requirement to wear this shirt is that you love teatime!

Teatime = Me Time

Teatime = Me Time Tea Shirt by Destination Tea

This design is a popular one for obvious reasons. We all need our “me time” and what better way to relax and treat ourselves than with a fresh cup of tea? Wear this one the month before your birthday to give your friends a hint: gifts of tea are always welcome!

Steep Away, Steep Away, Steep Away

Steep Away Tea Shirt by Destination Tea

Inspired by Ireland’s best-selling solo artist, this tea shirt can be sung aloud to the tune of Orinoco Flow. Enya has called it the favorite song of her career, and many of us know the familiar “sail away, sail away, sail away.” In our version, we are sailing off in our teacup boat, to the happy land of teatime.

Beleaf – Tea Is Life

Beleaf, Tea is Life tea shirt by Destination Tea, Ted Lasso jokes

This one’s for the Ted Lasso fans. Ted Lasso is a fine coach and human being, but he certainly doesn’t speak for all Americans when he talks about tea. To get the inside scoop on all the references, check out these snippets from the show (which we highly recommend watching whether or not you love soccer).

Don’t Fear the Steeper

Don't fear the steeper tea shirt by Destination Tea

Guess what? I got a fever, and the only prescription is, more cowbell TEA. They can give us more cowbell, but only the Steeper can give us more tea. So c’mon baby, don’t fear the steeper. If at this point you are wondering what on Earth we’re talking about, this video should help.

Destination Tea Two Ways – Modern and Romantic

Destination Tea tea shirt in yellow
Destination Tea Tea Shirt

Where are we headed? To tea, of course. If your teasets at home run towards the modern look, our cute and clean white-and-yellow design could be the one for you. If you lean more towards beautifully patterned bone china at teatime, the lovely pink teaset design adds romance to this tea shirt. Wear it as you tea party plan or relax in your favorite tea shop.


212 degrees tea shirt by Destination Tea

If you’re hanging with someone who doesn’t know much about tea, our 212° tea shirt could become a conversation starter. Meanwhile, tea drinkers seeing this couldn’t be happier. This number means someone put the kettle on (for a black or herbal tea anyway), and tea shall soon be served!

We Want to Hear from You!

We hope these designs make you smile. Please let us know, especially if a particular one is your favorite. As we are just starting to offer apparel, we are learning as we go, and hearing from you will help us know which products we should keep or add. Thank you, and happy tea shirt shopping!

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